Spray Tanning Preparation

Before all spray tanning, SaferSun has developed preparation guidelines to ensure you get the best possible tan.


This is an important part of the spray-tanning process to ensure even coverage, eliminating all dead skin cells with particular attention paid to dry skin areas.

This aids even coverage of your tan solution and ensures your tan lasts for as long as possible when accompanied with regular moisturising.

24 hours before each spray tan, it is important a thorough exfoliation is carried out. This can either be carried out at home with our specialist exfoliation products or by SaferSun therapists using our full wet room facility to carry out this treatment with minimum fuss and a relaxing waterfall showering experience to finish the preparation treatment.

If carried out at home, it is important that the exfoliation scrub is administered on dry skin and massaged fully before entering the shower to wash off.

All exfoliation products are available online via the Avoca Boutique retail section of our website or in person at the salon.

Pre-tan Requirements

Before the application of the tan solution it is important to arrive with suitable loose clothing and footwear.

It is advisable to arrive without make-up, deodorant and body lotions. If this is not possible, for example you are arriving straight from work, the salon is more than happy to provide the necessary equipment to assist with the removal of these items to ensure the best possible results for your spray tan application.

We can also offer the facility for a pre tan shower if you prefer the option to prepare in house. Full towelling and slippers will be supplied. When booking please state you would like the in house preparation treatment.

Upon arrival at SaferSun @ Avoca Spa, a pre tan checklist will ensure the necessary preparation has been undertaken and a brief consultation with your therapist will be carried out to find out the exact look you desire and what tanning solution will look the best for you, taking into account your skin type and the colour definition you would like to achieve.

You will then be taken to the spray booth room where the therapist will leave you to undress and prepare at your leisure, and once in the booth the therapist will enter via the service room door to apply the tan.

This unique method, exclusive to SaferSun, provides comfort at all times, ensuring you feel at ease, and our two door service room entrance gives unrivalled privacy levels to ensure the removal and reapplication of clothing is done in a calming, pressure free environment.

Once the application has taken place, the therapist will provide advice to ensure your tan lasts for as long as possible and will recommend the best moisturiser and showering gels for your particular tan treatment.

All moisturisers and gels are available online via Avoca Boutique and also in the salon.

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