SaferSun Spray Tan Technology

Here at SaferSun @ Avoca Spa we have gone to great lengths to provide sunless spray tanning in the best possible environment.

Our state of the art, advanced technology has been developed to ensure the highest quality tanning experience. We offer unprecedented levels of quality and comfort to our spray tanning clients, unique to the Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire and Derbyshire areas.

Fully ventilated booths, heat recovery ventilation systems and overspray extraction are unique to our salon, so throughout your sunless spray tan experience warm, clean, fresh air is constantly filtered into the room, with the overspray misty air extracted through 8 air ducts all around your standing position.

The unique ‘SaferSun spray system’ is another element that has been exclusively designed for the SaferSun experience.

When using other spray tan systems the bulky, and often loud, compressor is housed directly next to you, making the experience noisy and communication difficult and uncomfortable. Thankfully, at SaferSun, our air systems are located in a remote position and delivered into the booth to eliminate that unwanted noise to create a relaxing, comfortable environment.

After each spray tan application our booths are automatically washed down to ensure the highest levels of hygiene, unrivalled by any other salon.

SaferSun Spray Tanning

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