Post Spray Tan Application

Once the spray tan has been applied it is important to follow these steps:

Avoid unnecessary touching of the skin where the tanning solution has been applied until 8 hours after application.
Avoid getting any part of the body wet until 8 hours after application.

If you are planning a spray tan for a special occasion, it is advisable to judge your tan by the second attempt. Once you have received your tan, certain body parts will highlight particularly dry skin areas, which are then noted on your client card along with your particular tan and solution level. This allows us to record which is the best tan for you, ensuring your second tan is completed to a high level of accuracy for your skin type.

SaferSun has provided thousands of sunless spray tans since opening in 2010, we are confident of providing the very best service.

We’re extremely proud of our aftercare so we’re only a phone call away to provide assistance for any issues you may want to discuss after your tan application.


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