Thalgo Marine Body Experiences

  • Body & face – sea and senses hot stone treatment

    120 min£66

    Extending the ultimate stress relieving experience to the face as well as the body.

  • Body – sea and senses hot stone treatment

    60 min£46

    An invitation to deep sleep, a spiral massage ideal for relieving tension.

  • Frigi Thalgo wrap

    60 min£27

    Cold wrap treatment for cellulite and excess fluid on heavy hips and thighs.

    Includes a body scrub, cold bandages and an invigorating warm massage.

  • Indocéane massage

    90 min£65

    Blissful dreams on a far eastern journey.

    Includes a foot spa, full body scrub and massage.

  • Marine Prelude

    60 min£41

    The ultimate exfoliation – ideal prior to holiday and self tanning.

    Includes a sea salt scrub with a seaweed mud mask.

  • Polynesian massage

    90 min£65

    This luxurious spa ritual takes you on a journey across the pacific ocean.

    Includes a foot spa, full body scrub and massage.

  • Terraké sensory massage

    1hr 15 min£65

    In a perfect alchemy between well-being and beauty, authenticity and refinement. Terraké brings you on an initiatory voyage to our origins.

    Terraké draws all of its originality from the Earth’s four forces to offer you a unique sensory experience, an unprecedented journey of the senses.

  • Terraké sensory massage & full body exfoliation

    1hr 45 min£75

    Includes the Terraké sensory massage plus full body exfoliation.

  • Thalgomince pregnancy pamper

    60 min£36

    Strengthen, tone and firm skin, improve elasticity and reduce stretch marks.

    Includes a body scrub, strengthening warm relaxing body mask followed by a massage using warm stretch mark cream.